Heating power [kW]: 0/1.65/3.3

    Ventilator mode: Yes

    Built-in room thermostat: Yes

    Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]: 230V/50Hz

    Rated current [A]: 14.3

    Fan diameter [mm]: 230

    Air flow [m3/h]: 400

    Product size (LxWxH) [mm]: 264x254x409

    Net weight [kg]: 6.89 | IP: 44

    Product information

    Heater 3.3kW electric space heater has been designed for heating of:
    • production rooms
    • rest and refreshment rooms
    • warehouses
    • workshops
    • garages
    • shops
    • offices
    • houses
    • greenhouses
    • rooms in the service sector and agriculture sector
    • rooms under construction, renovation and finishing works
    • holiday homes
    Recommended as a supporting device in the drying process with the use of dehumidifiers and fans.

    Basic features:
    • mobile device
    • 230V / 50Hz single phase power supply
    • 100% efficiency - all consumed energy heats the room
    • quiet operation
    • does not consume oxygen during operation, does not emit odors, does not emit exhaust gases
    • heating power control: ½ power (1.65kW) and full power (3.3kW)
    • built-in room thermostat
    • thermal protection (thermal fuse)
    • manual thermal fuse reset
    • fan mode-air blowing without heating
    • heating elements made of stainless steel
    • durable steel construction
    • designed for professional use
    • high quality workmanship, in line with EU requirements
    • high safety level

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    Available accessories:
    • Wall shelf for 2kW-5kW heaters. Product code: 75421005

    Wall shelf for 2kW-5kW heaters
    Product code: 75421005