Heating power [kW]: 0/1.8/5.4/9.0

    Ventilator mode: Yes

    Built-in room thermostat: Yes

    Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]: 3x400V/50Hz

    Rated current [A]: 16

    Fan diameter [mm]: 300

    Air flow [m3/h]: 700/1000

    Product size (LxWxH) [mm]: 655x464x567

    Net weight [kg]: 15.6 | IP: 54

    Product information

    Dania LB 9kW IP54 electric space heater has been designed for use in places where high resistance to dust is required, and its operation will take place in an atmosphere causing accelerated corrosion.
    Heater case is made of stainless steel. Control system components and components under voltage are located in separate housing located outside the air flow path. This prevents small particles from being sucked / blown in and settled on live components. This solution significantly extends the trouble-free operation of the heater in dusty conditions.
    Dania LB 9kW can be used as a portable device or after buying a dedicated wall mount as a stationary heater.

    It is intended for heating rooms:
    • production rooms
    • rest and refreshment rooms
    • warehouses
    • workshops
    • garages
    • shops
    • offices
    • houses
    • greenhouses
    • rooms in the service sector and agriculture sector
    • rooms under construction, renovation and finishing works
    • holiday homes
    Recommended as a supporting device in the drying process with the use of dehumidifiers and fans.

    Basic features:
    • mobile device
    • 3x400V / 50Hz three phase power supply
    • 5-pin connection socket
    • 100% efficiency - all energy consumed heats the room
    • quiet operation
    • does not consume oxygen during operation, does not emit odors, does not emit exhaust gases
    • heating power control: 1/5 power (1.8kW), 3/5 power (5.4kW) and full power (9kW)
    • fan mode- air blowing without heating
    • 2 fan speeds
    • built-in room thermostat
    • thermal protection (thermal fuse)
    • automatic thermal fuse reset
    • heating elements made of stainless steel
    • durable construction made of stainless steel
    • designed for professional use
    • high quality workmanship, in line with EU requirements
    • high safety level

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    Available accessories:
    • Wallmount bracket for Dania LB IP54 heaters series. Product code: 23200201

    Wallmount bracket for
    Dania LB IP54 heaters series
    Product code: 23200201