Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]: 230V/50Hz

    Max. energy consumption [W]: 400

    Air outlet diameter [mm] / fan diameter [mm]: 810 / 800

    Maximum fan speed [rpm]: 960

    Fan speed levels: 2

    Maximum air flow [m3/h]: 11400

    Static [Pa]:
    Flexible tube ready: no | IP: 44
    Product size (LxWxH) [mm]: 400x900x940 | Net weight [kg]: 35

    Product information

    The industrial ventilator IAV-32 / 2S is a professional, portable device designed for forcing the air flow with the highest performance and efficiency. Generates a wide and the strongest air stream. The two levels air flow speed regulation allows it to be used in various conditions for different tasks. It is perfect for tasks related to ventilation, air exchange in rooms, removal of polluted air from rooms and support of heating, drying and cooling processes.
    The highest performance and solid construction allow it to be used wherever efficient and reliable ventilation is needed. Perfect for objects with a large volume and surface. The use of wheels makes it device easy to move.

    It has been designed for ventilation or directional blowing in rooms:
    • production rooms
    • factories
    • warehouses
    • workshops
    • garages
    • stores
    • greenhouses
    • livestock buildings
    • premises in the services and agriculture sector
    • rooms under construction, renovation and finishing works
    It is recommended as a device supporting the drying process with the use of heaters and driers. The highest efficiency allows to work it in facilities with the largest areas and volumes.

    Basic features:
    • mobile device
    • 230V / 50Hz single phase power supply
    • 400W rated power
    • 2 fan speed levels
    • durable steel construction
    • aesthetic and durable powder coating
    • designed for professional use
    • high quality workmanship, in line with EU requirements
    • high safety level

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