The method of testing the correctness of project assumptions and the quality of electrical infrastructure in industrial, agricultural, service and commercial facilities as well as objects the destination of which requires the implementation of guaranteed power supply (e.g. Data Center) is a stress test.

      The load test is performed using load resistors (load banks) that generate power consumption at cos fi ≈ 1, loading electricity infrastructure of a certain current consumption accordingly to the infrastructure project and test assumptions. By adjusting the number of the active load banks you can simulate various power consumption states.

      Measurements of network parameters carried out during the test allows to identify areas of failure hazards and sources of potential problems of minor importance. This makes it possible to avoid failures during the use of the electrical infrastructure in facilities whose use is particularly dependent on its stable and proper operation.

      Features of the load banks:
      • rated module continuous power: 18kVA or 22kVA
      • forced air cooling
      • rated voltage of 400VAC (3 x 400V, 50Hz)
      • automatic safety thermal fuse protection against the effects of overheating as a result loss of the air flow.

      We provide comprehensive solutions including load modules, power cables and shelves. On request, we deliver sets with nominal capacities up to 2 MVA (delivered in an ISO 20' container) and up to 4.4 MVA (delivered in an ISO 40’ container) or in other configurations including load modules optionally equipped with power cables of various lengths and shelves.
      We provide units of lower power, completed and delivered in a way determined by the Ordering Party.

      88850633 Dania 18kW

      88850731 Dania 22kW

      Power cable: 2m long, 3x400V/32A
      for 18kW heaters
      Product code: 88649032

      Power cable: 2m long, 3x400V/32A
      for 22kW heaters
      Product code: 88649033

      Power cable: 10m long, 3x400V/32A
      for 22kW heaters
      Product code: 88649010