88858708 Bed Bug Heater 9kW IP54

    • Heating power [kW]: 0/4.5/9.0
    • Ventilator mode: Yes
    • Built-in thermostat: up to 800C
    • Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]: 3x400V/50Hz
    • Rated current [A]: 13
    • Fan diameter [mm]: 300
    • Przepływ powietrza [m3/h]: 1695
    • Product size (LxWxH) [mm]: 655x464x567
    • Net weight [kg]: 15.6
    • IP: 54

    Product informaiton

    Bed Bug Heater 9kW IP54 electric heater is a professional source of heat in the process of thermal desinfection (including COVID-19) and eliminating all development forms of bedbugs, cockroaches and other harmful house insects by high temperature. The Bed Bug Heater 9kW IP54 is a proffesional heat source in thermal treatment in pest control process.

    Advantages of heat treatment:

    • effectiveness: the heat treatment is one of the most effective methods of pest control. Correctly performed solves the problem of arduous pests. It does not cause pests resistance, often observed when using chemicals.
    • discretion: particularly important in hotels and guesthouses. For bystanders and visitors thermal pest treatment activities looks like the process of rooms renovating / painting.
    • ecology / health: No chemical agents harmful to health or harmful to the environment shall be used. Does not pose a threat to neighboring premises.
    • ease of use:
      • one- time treatment: single treatment comprehensively solves the problem of indoor insects.
      • versatility: heat treatment eliminates the problem of adult insects, nymphs and eggs (usually very resistant to chemicals)
      • process duration: temperature treatment causes the rooms to be out of service for a short time (normally less than 24h). Restoration for use does not require a long time
      • low labor intensity: preparation for disinfestation and for re-use of rooms after treatment requires minimal work input
    • low cost : due to high efficiency, low labor consumption, short duration of preparations and the temperature treatment itself, no need to take the building out of service and simplicity of use, it is a low cost method compared to alternative methods .

      Basic features of Bed Bug Heater 9kW IP54:
      • mobile device
      • 3x400V / 50Hz three phase power supply
      • 100% efficiency – all energy consumed heats the room
      • quiet operation
      • does not consume oxygen during operation, does not emit odors, does not emit exhaust gases
      • heating power control: 1/2 power (4.5kW) and full power (9kW)
      • working temperature 80 0 C.
      • thermal protection (thermal fuse)
      • automatic thermal fuse reset
      • heating elements made of stainless steel
      • durable construction made of stainless steel
      • designed for professional use
      • high quality workmanship, in line with EU requirements
      • high safety level

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