Cloud Control Heater


    Models under development:

    • NXG CCH 6kW: rated heating power 6kW
    • NXG CCH 9kW: rated heating power 9kW
    • NXG CCH 15kW: rated heating power 15kW
    • NXG CCH 20kW: rated heating power 20kW

    Product information

    NXG Cloud Control Heaters series are the most technologically advanced, digitally controlled heating devices manufactured by Inelco.

    Equipped with a wireless communication module enabling:

    • direct wireless control of the heater settings by a mobile device or computer supporting wireless connections
    • heater control by wireless Wifi connection and mobile application for a mobile device or computer (e.g. mobile phone, thablet or computer with a web browser) with cloud data processing

    Wireless connections allows you:

    • turning the device on and off remotely
    • remote change of operating mode: heating mode/ fan mode
    • remote heating power change: partial power / full power
    • remote reading of electricity consumption (kWh) since last switched on (only available in the mobile application)
    • sending power failure alert to the control device using the application
    • remote reading of active time since last power off due to shutdown or failure
    • remote room temperature reading (only available in the application)
    • remote change of room thermostat setting (room temperature)
    • remote activation / deactivation of delayed off function, change of delay time
    • remote activation / deactivation of delayed on function, change of delay time
    • remote activation / deactivation of the heating elements cooling function, change of the programmed cooling time

    Heaters connected by Wifi to the application, for easier management, can be connected into functional clusters covering several devices to perform the same tasks at the same time, e.g. heaters operating in the same room.

    Each of the heaters will be able to operate in the bridge mode to provide internet access to the heaters operating within the wireless connection range of the heater’s communication module. This function is particularly useful in buildings where, due to obstacles (e.g. walls) limiting the range of the wireless connection, it is difficult or impossible to connect directly to the Wifi access point.

    As part of the system, peripherals will be available: wireless temperature sensors and humidity sensors allowing to report by the application current temperature and humidity in the room. Readings from peripheral devices that modify the operation of heaters using the application will reduce energy consumption to a minimum that guarantees the achievement of the assumed goal.

    Heaters of the NXG CCH series are intended for heating rooms:

    • production rooms
    • rest and refreshment rooms
    • warehouses
    • workshops
    • garages
    • shops
    • offices
    • houses
    • greenhouses
    • rooms in the service sector and agriculture sector
    • rooms under construction, renovation and finishing works
    • holiday homes

    Recommended as a supporting device in the drying process with the use of dehumidifiers and fans.

    Basic features:

    • wireless or manual control
    • mobile device
    • equipped with a wall bracket works perfectly as a stationary heater
    • 3x400V / 50Hz three phase power supply
    • 100% efficiency – all energy consumed heats the room
    • quiet operation
    • does not consume oxygen during operation, does not emit odors, does not emit exhaust gases
    • heating power control
    • fan function: supply without heating
    • built-in room thermostat
    • digitally controlled thermal protection
    • automatic thermal protection reset
    • heating elements made of stainless steel
    • durable steel construction
    • highest quality workmanship certified in accordance with EU requirements
    • highest safety level

    Available accessories:

      • Wallmount bracket for the NXG heaters series. Product code: 75421007

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