88846247 Dania SSH 9kW

    • Heating power [kW]:0/4.5/9.0
    • Fan Mode:Yes
    • External thermostat type:091FLV2
    • Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]:3x400V/50Hz
    • Rated current [A]: 13
    • Fan diameter [mm]: 300
    • Air flow [m3/h]:900
    • Product size (LxWxH) [mm]:335x465x445
    • Net weight [kg]:16.32 | IP: X4

    Product information

    Dania SSH 9kW heater is designed for wall mounting

    It is designed for stationary operation.

    Perfect as part of a basic heating system, additional heating or emergency heating. Adapted to work independently or in system groups. To control a single heater or a group of heaters, only one digital programmable thermostat for temperature control and one Control Box. Control Box for operating mode switch- used to choose between: full heating power, half heating power, fan mode or to turn off the device. A set of up to 6 heaters can be precisely controlled using one digital programmable thermostat and one Control Box. This solution allows for economical heating and convenient control of the operation of both: one heater and the system (group) of Dania SSH heaters.

    Excellent as:

    • stationary primary heat source
    • auxiliary heat source
    • emergency heat source

    Basic features:

    Basic features:
    • heating power adjustment: 1/2 power (4.5kW) and full power (9.0kW)
    • fan mode: airflow without heating
    • automatic heater cooling function
    • simple installation
    • easy to use
    • fast heating of rooms
    • no oxygen consuming, no odors or moisture emition during operation
    • three phase 3x400V/50Hz
    • stationary wall-mounted device: wall bracket is supplied with the heater
      • wall bracket, heater adjustment:
        • 3 horizontal positions
        • stepless adjustment of position in the vertical plane
      • wall bracket allows you to hang the heater on the wall
        • placing the heater on the wall saves space in the room
        • helps to push heated air from the ceiling down towards the floor
    • 100% efficiency – all consumed energy heats the room
    • quiet operation
    • the function of automatic cooling of the heaters extends their life and shortens the procedure of switching off the heater
    • built-in thermal protection – thermal fuse with manual reset
    • heating elements made of stainless steel
    • durable, steel construction
    • aesthetic and durable powder coating
    • designed for professional use
    • high quality workmanship, in accordance with EU requirements
    • high work safety resulting from the use of the highest quality components

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